The COVID-19 pandemic has created additional challenges – and opportunities – for all businesses.  The Law Office of Susan K. Fuller works with its clients on the wide range of legal issues that are a fact of life for businesses during calm times and during uncertain times.   

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During a crisis, it is important to remember that nearly every transaction  – with vendors, suppliers, clients, customers, and even the relationship between business partners – is still governed by contract law.  Emergency government regulations may upend relationships, but every business must still look to their contracts to navigate the new landscape.  Insurance, impossibility or impracticability of performance, force majeure clauses, and many other provisions, can help determine the direction of your business during a crisis.

With years of litigation experience, we also help protect your company when a claim or lawsuit is filed – be it a contract dispute, an injury on your premises, an accident your company vehicle is involved in, or any other situation.

Contact us today and find out how we can help your business navigate the ever-changing commercial and legal landscape.