From simple to complex, the Law Office of Susan K. Fuller works with its clients on the wide range of legal issues that are a fact of life for businesses.

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Experienced entrepreneurs know the core of any business is the quality of its contracts.  Every transaction  – with vendors, suppliers, clients, customers, and even the relationship between business partners – is governed by contract law.

That is our primary area of practice – the review, negotiation, drafting and enforcement of all sorts of contracts – to help promote and protect your business.  Food and beverage business in particular have unique needs with commercial leases, tenant improvement concerns, and regulatory and employment questions unlike other industries.  Give us a call before you get stuck in the legal maze.

We also work with our clients to help determine the legal structure that suits them best – whether sole proprietorship, LLC, corporation, or partnership – and draft the documents to get the company up and running (incorporation documents, operating agreements, buy-sell agreements, etc).

With years of litigation experience, we help protect your company when a claim or lawsuit is filed – be it a contract dispute, an injury on your premises, an accident your company vehicle is involved in, or any other situation.

Contact us today and find out how we can help your business navigate a complex commercial and legal environment.