Must Employees in Washington State Wear Masks?

With the Covid-19 vaccine being widely administered in Washington state, many ask, “must employees continue to wear masks at work?”  The short answer is, it depends.

For many (but not all) employers, as of May 21, 2021, an employer may lift an employee mask requirement, but only if the employer obtains from each employee one of two documents. The employee must provide either: (1) proof of the employee’s vaccination, or (2) written confirmation signed by the employee that they have been vaccinated.  If the employee provides the documentation, the employer may choose to relax employee social distancing to less than 6 feet, or may choose to no longer require masks of the vaccinated employees.  See Proclamation 20-25.13 issued by Governor Jay Inslee. However, it is important to note this Proclamation does not override CDC guidance, does not override stricter rules of  local governments, and does not require businesses to abolish mask or distancing requirements.

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